Pro Bowl @49ers: Buddy system


Justin Smith (#94), Aldon Smith (#99), Dashon Goldson (#38), Donte Whitner (#31), Patrick Willis (#52) and NaVorro Bowman (#53), Joe Staley (#74), Mike Iupati (#77) and RB Frank Gore were all selected to the Pro Bowl Wednesday, headlined by six players on defense.

If the Pro Bowl were a schoolyard, the 49ers would have four [buddy pairs] headed to the game as eight players were selected along with the player they complement the most. In each [pair], both players recognized how [much] they make each other better. Read More

Postscript @49ers: Excuses for Dummies


@Eric_Branch :

“It seemed like everything they called was the best call they could have as a defense.” - Staley

“It seems like they were in the right defense for the things we tried to do.” - Kaepernick

And if they were? So what? Only fools expect to surprise opponents all, most or even half the time. Else, when the numbers are even, there comes a point when it’s just about you and him. You beating (outexecuting) the other guy, or letting him beat you. 

Worse? It’s a trend, even & perhaps an addiction, like gameplan smack to needy druggies prone to shakes if their coordinator-dealer can’t produce the goods, as Staley basically confessed after smashing the Bills

"They say it all starts with the guys up front, but it all starts with the play-calling. The coordinator sets up everything. I’ve been here for a lot of predictable offenses, and no matter how you’re executing, those plays look like s-. When you’re executing well with plays that are very creative, it creates doubt in defenses’ minds"

Oh yeah? If that’s the case, send the coaches on your next trip to Hawaii. Paychecks too.

More excuses. Harbaugh’s seppuku (via Barrows) notwithstanding, if Kap executes the lateral as designed, as he had hundreds of times before, are we really talking about the worst coaching decision ever?

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